How We Help New Homeowners understand Their Coverage

We can help you determine the right homeowner’s insurance coverage

Every year there are many new homeowners who look to us for help with their first home. Understand homeowner’s insurance can bring stress and misunderstanding, and we are here to help you find the right combination of coverage, price, and service.

We find most first-time home buyers may not understand what is covered and not covered under a typical home insurance policy. Many times the mortgage company will require insurance, and the homeowner won’t question the coverage specifics. But it is just a minimum requirement for what you are purchasing. If you are an uninformed buyer, you might not address every possible scenario that might be covered by another policy.

Keys to understanding your home insurance policy

Talk to an agent who can out the coverage you actually need.
Ask about policy exclusions.
Read your policy.
Understand the difference between insurance and just mortgage insurance.
Ask about coverage for fences, landscaping, and other outbuildings.
Consider insurance for loss of use and extra expense.
Do you have guns, jewelry, art, or other collectibles?

A good agent will be willing to meet with you to review all your questions and provide the coverage you need.