What keeps You Up At Night

Running a business today is becoming increasingly complex in an environment of increased litigation, changing employment laws, weather, and new cyber breach requirements.  As a business owner do you fully understand your risks and how to manage them?

The value of the agent is not just educating the business owner about the risks but also what insurance products can help insure the risks and how to reduce the risks altogether.

We have provided a number of the top risks faced by most businesses and our recommend insurance coverage.

1.    Data Breach. Over 30% of small business owners said their biggest concern was a data breach.

Solution: Cyber liability can cover your businesses liability arising out of a data breach. Most policies also cover notification costs.

2.    Employment Issues. Employment laws create an increased risk for employers requiring businesses to follow ever-changing discrimination, harassment and worker’s compensation statutes.

Solution. Employment practices liability insurance can protect your business from litigation involving employees, including; sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discriminating claims.

3.    Weather and other natural disasters. Many companies are concerned with losses due to weather-related issues, flooding, rain, and snow plus many others. If your business is shut down due to a loss would you survive?

Solution. A Well designed property insurance program. A properly designed property insurance program should include coverage for: fire and other perils, flood, business interruption.
Steve can meet with you to review your risks and create a commercial insurance program for your business.