What to Do After a Home Fire

Having your home damaged or destroyed by a fire can be emotionally and financially devastating.  It can be overwhelming trying to re-build your life after a fire, but if you have the right kind of homeowner’s insurance, you may not have to deal with a ruinous financial loss.  Here is our guide to help you manage the process of restoring your home and property.

If you have a fire emergency:

  • First, call 911 from a safe location to deal with any fire emergency.
  • Call family members to let them know you are ok.
  • Call your insurance company as soon as possible.
  • Make every attempt to minimize the loss and/or damage.
  • Make repairs if needed to prevent further damage.
  • Connect with neighbors for help.
  • Do not go back into your home if it is unsafe.
  • Start to inventory your damaged property
  • Take pictures of the damage. (Note: It is always a good idea to do a home inventory video and upload it to the cloud so that you have a video reminder of what you have in case you have a fire loss.)

Without insurance, a house fire could be a crippling and permanent loss for you and your family.  Protect your home with homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance today. Insurance Center Associates has a wide range of insurance products to protect you, your property, and your belongings. Contact us for a free homeowner’s fire insurance quote or renter’s insurance quote today.