A Great Way To Buy Homeowners Insurance

One of the most important financial decisions you will make is insuring your home. This important decision can’t be done on the internet in 7 minutes, because your home can go up in flames in less than 10 minutes and you might be left with a large un-insured loss.

Buying Homeowners Insurance--The Right Way

  1. Use an independent agent. We will search the market for the best coverage value for you.  Do you know that some insurers don’t like older homes, while others do? Do you also know that some insurers give certain discounts that others don’t? We know how to give you the best value.
  2. Read your policy. It is important that you know what your policy covers. We can certainly answer any questions you have, but it pays to review your coverage.
  3. Talk with us about your coverage needs. You may travel frequently, have many toys like ATV or boats, or you may have expensive jewelry; all these life style choices need to be considered when selecting homeowners insurance.
  4. Have you completed any home improvement projects? Did you add a bathroom, enlarge your deck, or add a media room?  Home improvement projects may require an update to your policy.  
  5. Often adding other coverage like auto, boat or RV to combine coverage will gain a better cost advantage.
  6. Having a home security system or home sprinkler system often will help lower premiums.

We all want to save money, especially on our home insurance. However, you must know how to get a good rate without compromising on coverage. By talking to us and discussing the coverages needed for your home, you will be able to receive the best possible combination of coverage, price and service.